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post by Walter Ybarbo

A Fresh Look at CBD Laws in Texas for 2020

Have you noticed the interesting rack of CBD products at your local gas station? They're usually plastered with pictures of the marijuana plant. That's illegal, isn't it?

There's been a lot of changes to hemp and CBD laws in Texas lately. Now, it's legal for retailers to sell certain CBD oils, and it's okay to buy without a medical license, too.

Are you interested in learning more? Read on to learn everything you need to know about CBD oil and Texas law below.

What's the Legal Status of CBD in Texas?

Marijuana advocates have tried to change federal law for decades. In 2018, they finally had a victory thanks to the Farm Bill. President Trump passed the legislation, which legalized hemp on the federal level.

The law makes it okay for licensed retailers to sell consumable hemp products! This bill does rely on cooperation with each state's governor, though. Some states may opt out of creating a hemp regulatory program.

While that's great news on the federal level, how does the state of Texas feel about these changes?  In 2019, Texas lawmakers passed House Bill 1325. This integral legislation authorizes:

  • Production of industrial hemp crops and products
  • Manufacture of hemp products
  • Retail sale of consumable hemp products

Both the state and federal hemp laws are now in effect. That means it's completely legal to get CBD oils or hemp products now!

Hemp Versus Marijuana: What You Need to Know

As you likely noticed, neither of these important laws mentions marijuana. That leaves a lot of people confused. After all, don't both hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant? What's the difference between the two?

This distinction is crucial. According to the law, hemp is a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC. THC is what makes the cannabis plant psychoactive. Marijuana has more than 0.3% THC.

Any activity involving marijuana is still prohibited. Dealing with marijuana products is a violation of the new hemp law.

Types of CBD Products

As a consumer, it's important to be aware of these facts. If you see CBD oil that's advertised as "THC" or "marijuana", then don't buy it. It's either illegal or false advertisement. All CBD oil should come from the hemp plant.

There are different types of CBD products you can buy like:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD oral drops
  • Creams
  • Edibles

On top of these fantastic products, you can even get CBD oil for your pets, too! To ensure your transactions are legal, buy from a reputable source.

What You Need to Know About CBD Laws in Texas

Marijuana, hemp, and CBD laws in Texas have gone through a whirlwind of changes lately. Now that it's 2020, CBD products made of hemp are 100% legal. CBD products made of marijuana are not, though. You'll need to do your due diligence as a consumer to pick the best product.

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